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Proactively working globally to help youth businesses build credibility and meet long-term financial goals.

Who we are

Onez Commerce is a one-stop strategic consulting and marketing agency and back-office solution suppliers in Uk. It has established itself as a company that provides timely and cost-effective services to its broad clientele worldwide, with a proven record of more than three years and expertise in the IT field, we comprehend that every e-commerce business owner is required to conduct mundane tasks that can drain their strength. This identifies us among the leading providers of high-quality eCommerce virtual assistant solutions. Our solutions have been successfully implemented in the United Kingdom, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Our decisions, work patterns, and tactics are all client-oriented, making us the ideal business process outsourcing partner to take on and accomplish all of your business process outsourcing needs on time and within your budget. Moreover, entrepreneurs and online brands that are trying to keep up with the market’s drastic changes can use our digital marketing options within marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to optimize their potential, inflate their reach, and to grow their enterprises. We have served over 1000 of small businesses since its beginning, and the idea of assisting small enterprises remains a top priority for the organization.

Our Method of working

What we do

  • Fully optimizing your Amazon merchandise listing with the most searched and powerful SEO keywords, enables your listing to rank higher and attain more visibility.
  • Optimize and lacquer your Shopify website design layout with a much more crisp and receptive user interface.
  • Renovating your PPC campaigns to expand conversion rates for lofty sales.
  • Developing manifested sales techniques and strategies for Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, as well as other e-Commerce platforms, in order to build sustainable business viability.

Our Vision

Explicitly state this if you have a compelling vision statement and have specified “who” you deliver your services for. We consider including relevant case studies that show your success in these areas. Skill ,Focus, Growth.Thus, our vision is to be a leader in providing global enterprises with quick, cost-effective, and comprehensive eCommerce and system integration solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give a professional virtual person, a consultant, and a devoted e-market expert to enable our clients’ businesses to grow and advance. We highlight the importance of your focus. Customers look for industry knowledge. A marketing partner must have a thorough understanding of a client’s business, industry standards, and key trends.

Our Core Values

Client-centric approach – “We are much more than just a vendor; we are your collaborator”

Professional and personal high standards moral values 

Strive for excellence and innovation

 culture of knowledge sharing and rapid expansion for each member

Fun-filled and respectful environment for each other


Fundamental standards

We give our students the tools they need to maximise their professional potential. Our progress is based on our ability to expand and strengthen the resources available to you in order to help you achieve an exceptional growth vision.
What has sustained us in the company is our confidence in quality growth and creativity.

The following are some of our core values: To be the leading source of economic development.
To facilitate the conceptual, professional, communal, progressive, successful skills of youth and the entrepreneurial minds for the development of their minds and moral values.


Amazon Seller Dashboard has the contact information of tens of thousands of sellers & categories.
Pakistan currently has a major issue in that it is not on Amazon’s list of licenced selling countries.Onez Commerce has been attempting to address this issue and we feel that there is often a solution that is created by individuals with visions, thoughts, originality, and ambitions.


Easy ways to start selling on Amazon:

If you use the Onez Commerce Dashboard to sell on Amazon, it’s a lot easier. Since you do not need to build factories in other countries. Many of our tips will assist you with setting up your whole company at home (comfort zone).

No High Inputs at all:

The best feature of E-Commerce is that you don’t need to arrange a hefty amount. You just have to sign up with us and list your product on Amazon.

Get started with a reasonable Fee:

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to start a successful E-commerce venture.

No risk of time loss:

You won’t have to spend time setting up an Amazon ID, LLC/LTD, or bank account while you use the Onez Commerce vendor dashboard. To achieve your aims, what you have to do is work on your preferred activities.

Get paid directly in your bank account

Whatever you earn from your sales is directly deposited in your local bank account. There’s no reason to work hard everywhere.


Amazon Coaching

A good leader keeps you on track and prepares you to become a leader in the profession as time goes on. Unlike the past, valuable and practical knowledge worth gold is now available at your doorstep through the help of technology. You can attend one to onez commerce session with the experts in the field either online or at site. In every learning environment, having personal direct access to mentor is a source of prestige, privilege, honour and it has the ability to improve your development by leaps and bounds.

One-on-one workshops are tailored to help you achieve your goals. Having one-to-one access to the specialist to ensure that any part of the session is understood and addressed to a realistic basis is well worth the time. With this in mind, we’ve built these one-on-one Amazon business coaching sessions for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and other solutions.

What we offer

We offer the most detailed creative and updated course programs assisted by an immensely expert team of efficient Amazon, eBay, and other international marketplace selling moderators. We regularly upgrade our courses, including creative strategies and most significantly, transforming our learners into big achievers. Empowering you to the gateway towards big achievements and brightening up your future with a successful career.

Our achievements and command in the retail Amazon and other marketplaces permit us to enable individuals who are willing to establish their businesses. We endeavor to convey the best and assemble our learners who are then not only satisfied but successful in the Amazon marketplace and other global platforms

Introducing an updated and detailed level course of building Amazon business:

Amazon is one of the largest E-commerce stores across the world. There are a huge number of sellers selling various commodities on this platform, with the premium services of OneZ Commerce, your Amazon account will be superior overall. There are some basic steps you should follow:

  • Setting up an Amazon account in the USA and Europe.
  • Product selection and approval
  • Keyword analysis and implementation
  • Winning the buy box
  • To find high-quality suppliers for products from anywhere in the world.
  • The process to create your brand for products you sell
  • Management process and configuration with related tools
  • Training about product launch strategy
  • Creating product titles, descriptions, images, and enhanced brand content.
  • To bring products on the first page for selected high traffic keywords.
  • To make a website and link to Amazon account for orders.
  • Evaluating overall progress.
  • Media marketing (Fb, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram)
  • Paid promotion (Fb Ads, Amazon Ads)
  • Introducing new strategies that work right on Amazon.

Sean Smith

Student Liason

John Kinney

Prof. Psychology

Antonio Romano

Prof. Foreign Studies

Christy Johannsen

Prof. Arts & Humanities

Dave Carrey

Sports & Recreation

Marco Estavez

Prof. Environmental Science

Your Future Starts Here.

Amazon Private Label

Complete guide with the tools about how to establish an Amazon PL (Private Label) . A series of step-wsie pathway to develop and run an Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) Private Label successfully

Finding the perfect product

The elements of profitable product opportunity. What your product consists of to have to beat the competition.

Product selection:

Which strategies should be used for best performance and which should be avoided when marketing the goods.

The ideal product range and a comprehensive description of product options.All requirements are discussed, as well as why they are so important to your performance. To achieve excellent results, advanced technical techniques are employed. Rising the speed at which products are chosen. There are a few tricks to choosing items.

Evaluating suppliers and samples:

Taking a look at Amazon’s fee: the price of selling on Amazon. Product tuning is the method of deciding how valuable the product is in contrast to others. Simple product sourcing: how to obtain a product from every location on the planet.

Ordering your inventory and creating your brand:

  • What’s next after product samples
  • Best Suppliers most suitable for higher margins
  • Placing your first product inventory
    Brand name and logo
  • UPC requirement by Amazon for adding a Product
  • Amazon Product Listing
  • Easy way of Product Packaging
  • Package Inserts and Building a Customer
  • The Right Amount Of Inventory To Order
  • Shipping and Freight
  • Important Steps after you order Inventory

Build your brand:

  • Setting Strong Brand Foundations
  • Domain Email Account
  • Brand Website creation
  • Brand Facebook Page to help launch your product
  • Facebook Messenger for building a Subscriber List
  • Manychat – for a Professional Brand Experience
  • Manychat Features – Important Tools
  • Subscriber List For Launch – Success in Your Product Launch
  • Facebook Ads to Get Subscribers – in Your Target market
  • Reviews On Autopilot With ManyChat
  • Facebook and Instagram Content
  • Brand Name Across All Social Media

The perfect product page:

  • Amazon Listing To beat Your Competitors
  • Keyword Research For Top Amazon Rankings
  • For Maximum Traffic And Sales
  • Product Title for Traffic And Conversion
  • Bullet Points Of Your Product
  • Effective Product Description
  • Creating Attractive Product Images
  • Right Price To Get Traffic And Sales
  • Optimize Your Listing
  • Customer Emails For Engagement and Reviews
  • Downtime – While Waiting For Your Inventory

The perfect product launch:

  • Product Launch at Amazon
  • Key Steps for a Successful Launch
  • Numbers Matter the Most For a Successful
  • Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising
  • Effective and Cost Efficient Ad Campaigns on Amazon
  • Initial Product Reviews
  • Promotional Coupon Codes
  • Distributing Promotional Codes During Launch
  • Price Against Rank and Sales
  • Keeping your Ranking on Amazon intact
  • Reordering Inventory

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Services We Offer

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Amazon Account Management as a Virtual Assistant

  • Amazon launch process-optimizing the objective.
  • Arrangement for success-key preparation stages for a successful product launch.
  • Introduction to Amazon sponsored product advertising.
  • Finding effective and efficient ways to structure Ad campaigns on Amazon.
  • Producing promotional codes
  • How and when to optimize your price and increase profit.

Amazon Wholesale FBA

  • Product Hunting
  • Product sourcing
  • How to communicate with suppliers
  • Order management

eBay Management

  • Introduction to eBay
  • Account sign up
  • Subscriptions
  • Creating promotion
  • Error fixing

Fiverrr Account Signup

  • Introduction to Fiverr
  • Registration of account
  • Creating profile
  • Hunting gigs
  • Creating gigs
  • Communication skills- answering queries

Freelancer. com-requirement

  • Introduction to freelancer.com
  • Registration of account
  • Payoneer account registration
  • Making a professional profile
  • Understanding milestones
  • Contacting support
  • Proposal submissions
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