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It depends on the time duration of specific courses but we offer 3 months of training courses.

Every learning course is instructed by leading professionals which have commanded of specific courses for many years.

In case of any emergency not to worry about you will be provided a recording of that lecture

‘’More you work hard more you will be rewarded’’

The salary varies from 1500$ to 15000$ experiencing your abilities grip, over specific tasks, accomplishment on your goals.

Yes! We offer placement assistance. We retain ourselves in contact with the corporate world and let you know about several job opportunities; however, you will have to vigilant as well as on job portals.

It depends on which training course you have been enrolled in but you must be completed your intermediate studies, however, if you have a command on computer skills and should be interested.

Yes! But we make no guarantees as it depends on the learner’s effort, abilities, knowledge, grip on specific subjects, and dedication.

There’s hardly any home work ever except a drive on your own to apply and find more about portals like Amazon online to enhance the utility of your knowledge and expertise.

You will be able to make money as a freelancer or you can build your online store.

You should have knowledge of English reading and writing and some basics of computers.

If you are working professionally as you are job person. We can adjust the timings according to your availability.

80% practical and 20% theoretical

Here are 5 main steps of this respective journey and tiers of training session waiting for you.

  • ID set-up: We undergo a lot of possibilities and methods to get the account and also undergo tax implications and comprehend legal framework and plenty of options of setting up an account through company formation in various countries.
  • Product hunt: we undergo various techniques to recognize high volume, high score products moreover undergo tons of data points to evaluate the products.
  • Procurement/logistics/branding: This is a time-consuming process where we assemble our brand designing, work on sourcing, packaging, procurement, and logistics.
  • A product rank: In this step, we introduce our product and undergo and launch strategies such as soft launch, hard launch, and undergo campaigns.
  • FBA integration with Shopify and eBay: This level is for professionals to sell their products in hundreds in FBA and now the product and listed in other platforms such as Shopify, eBay, Walmart. These are linked with the Amazon FBA account for the fulfillment of orders coming from these platforms.

Apply the learning outcomes of your training and start seeing the results immediately. These trainings being practical ways of implementing a successful ecommerce business are the way to success. Only fear is if you are not able to apply the same things as learned and coshed to you which can delay getting results out of your online endeavors. The key is to stay in touch with the experts to ensure being on the right track throughout. 

You will be tested by assignments and quizzes by the instructor. We will evaluate your skills step by step and at the end, you will give experience/ certificate of the training session.

Absolutely not, don’t quit your job until you really see that you got the training and the business now demands more of your time and that you will see with the incremental revenues on your way. The more valuable time you invest can enable more harvest and lesser needs of a workforce. 

Your Future Starts

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